Who is RealCBDforMe?

Nobody Enjoys Being In Pain

Sore shoulders, nerve pain, achy hips, creaky knees, tired feet, or a number of other pains… If you’re fortunate enough not to struggle with pain yourself, it’s likely you have a friend or relative who does.  Over the last few years, CBD has become known as one of the most effective natural wellness supplements for these ailments and more.

At RealCBDforMe, we’re set out to simplify CBD, to cut through the noise. We believe in clear labels, and verifying products are what they claim to be.  We’re proponents of wellness, we enjoy helping others feel their best. Everything we sell has been verified to actually contain CBD because we know that matters to you.

We Advocate For Wellness

Our team at RealCBDforMe all have close friends and family who rely on CBD daily for their own personal wellness. They range from athletes who use CBD creams post-workout, to medical students, new moms, and grandmothers! The benefits of CBD are universal. We’re not here to support the craze, but the exact opposite.

The flood of new hemp products makes it hard for those just hearing about the benefits to find reputable CBD brands. Even those in cannabis-legal states find it hard to recommend products friends across the country can find.  Worse than this, counterfeit products containing no CBD have become a real problem. Because of this, it’s common to speak with people who have dismissed CBD as a ‘hoax’ after the first (likely counterfeit) product they try has no effect.

While we need more studies on CBD, based on existing research, it’s clearly an effective compound for a variety of symptoms, and may prove effective in the treatment of a number of human ailments.  It’s our goal to clear up misconceptions and take the guesswork out of buying CBD for the ones we care about most. Pure, consistent, wellness you can rely on.

What Am I Looking For? Hemp Oil? CBD?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to hemp based CBD products.  Many products on the market sold as ‘Hemp Extracts” are made with oils extracted from just the stalks, or seeds of the hemp plant, these often contain only trace amounts of CBD.  While this is still a nutritionally rich product in most cases, it does not contain an effective dose of CBD.

We noticed the widespread use of misleading marketing, and RealCBDforMe was created to fight it.  Every product we choose to partner must meet a set of quality standards, including clearly labeled packaging and proof the CBD was produced in the United States. We also require third party lab-testing of both the base CBD, as well as the levels in the finished products.  If a product represents itself as full or wide spectrum, we verify that claim too.

A Mission We Believe In

We’re committed to furthering the acceptance and understanding of CBD, and spreading wellness.  We believe this starts with accurate and honest information. RealCBDforMe is more than a place to buy your CBD. We’re compiling a resource for you to be able to share accurate, verifiable information with friends and loved ones you believe would feel better with CBD.